GARDEN CENTRE FRESH Delivers a complete range
of plants directly from 1500 growers
within 48 hours!
GARDEN CENTRE FRESH Delivers a complete range
of plants directly from 1500 growers
within 48 hours!

Who can deliver a complete range of plants directly from 1500 growers throughout Europe? Garden Centre Fresh can!
With a 24 hour online ordering system, you are able to add to your order and regularly check out our new products.

About us

  • Our service to you

    Founded in 2005, Garden Centre Fresh has rapidly grown over the years and supplies to over 300 customers throughout the UK. The team ensure that every customer, regardless of the size of their centre, receives the best customer service possible and we work hard to ensure that our customers are always happy with the products they receive. Orders can be placed at any time of the day via our extensive webshop. Garden and House plants will be on their way to you within 48 hours after departure, anywhere in the UK. For your convenience, we can provide the delivered products complete with price labels and barcodes, so that the fresh plants can be moved directly from the lorry to your shelves, ready for selling. All you need to do is determine your retail price. Our team is able to help you compile your order and is keen to advise you on our new concepts, promotional items and special offers. Together with you, we will determine how best to serve your customers. A tailor-made service that matches your needs is the result.

  • Exceptional quality

    Our products meet the highest quality standards as we purchase directly from the growers according to fixed product specifications rather than through the auction. You can of course be rest assured that Garden Centre Fresh works according to the latest European guidelines, taking people and the environment into account.

  • Warehouse

    Based in the Netherlands, our staff work hard every day to ensure your plants arrive in tip-top condition. The trollies are fully loaded by professionals in the trade, and wrapped carefully to ensure the plants arrive to you in the best condition possible!


  • Joyce van der Knaap

    Joyce van der Knaap

    Group Specialist

    Talent: working efficiently, optimistic & relationschop management
    Favourite plant: Strelitzia

  • Joost Graafland

    Joost Graafland

    Garden Centre Specialist

    Talent; accessible & creative seller
    Favourite plant: Royalty Hydrangea's in flower

Plant of the Month

October 2020

Croton: Houseplant of the Month for October 2020

Green, yellow, red, orange, brown, purple, black – flamboyant Croton brings autumn’s glow into your home. It’s a very eye-catching plant with thick, shiny leaves that proclaim that Mother Nature had an exceptionally good day when she came up with this beauty. The best-known is the multicoloured Croton, but there are also varieties with just yellow and green markings. You have the choice of small or large leaves, and there is also one with narrow wavy leaves. It’s one of the few foliage plants that can tolerate direct sunlight. The official name is Codiaeum variegatum, but the name Croton is so well-established that we use that for consumers.

Croton grows in South-east Asia and the Indonesian archipelago. The plant is used as a hedge in many countries. In those regions Croton can grow very tall and spread outwards as a woody shrub. As a houseplant you usually encounter medium to XL specimens. The name is derived from the Greek word ‘kroton’, which means ‘tick’ and refers to the plant’s seeds, which look like ticks. Codiaeum is a member of the Euphorbiaceae family, which also includes other familiar houseplants such as Poinsettia and Crown of Thorns.

Croton range
There are many forms from large to small, including cultivars with various leaf shapes and leaf markings. They are all part of the species C. variegatum, which means variegated and refers to the multicoloured leaves. Some large-leaved cultivars are: Excellent, Petra, Norma, Mrs. Iceton, Nervia, Tamara and Wilma. Some small-leaved cultivars are: Gold Star, Gold Finger, Gold Sun, Mammi and Yellow Banana. 


  • View the latest offers and innovative concepts
  • Extensive range of plants based on both seasonal availability and feedback from our customers
  • Determine your own sales price and label text for your labels applied to the products
  • Place your order 24 hours a day and receive direct confirmation by email.
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On your shelf within 48 hours!

  • 12:00

    You place an order via our Webshop

  • 14:00

    We process your order at our Head Office

  • 21:00

    Your plants are picked up from the best growers

  • 08:00

    The plants are delivered to our distribution centre

  • 12:00 / 00.00

    Your order is prepared. Plants will be labeled with your personalized label

  • 7:00 / 11.00

    Plant checks for Fyto, lorry departs to deliver your order within 48 hours.


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